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Need help with your web project?

Need a Web Developer? a Digital Marketer? an SEO Expert? an Analytics Specialist? a Web Project Manager?

I'm Alva Cardona,
B.A., EMBA. Web Optimization Expert.

I’m a passionate, bilingual web optimization and development professional with 14 years of experience; the perfect blend of creative and problem-solver. Because I strive to provide the most innovative solutions, I’m able to deliver unique digital growth strategies with proven methodologies that result in success. 

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My Skills Are Amazing!

Web Development

Attract online crowds and prospective clients with a brand-new website. If you’re a business owner, you know it’s in your best interest to have online real estate.

Graphic Design

Need help with the creation of highly visual and engaging content for blogs, social media, or websites? Need a web banner or an interactive ad? I can do that, too!

Digital Branding

Want to reach your customers online? Then, you’ll need great content. I can represent your brand by writing in a unique voice that will be appealing to your audience.


Get found on Google! Your customers are probably searching for your business online, whether it’s a service or product. Let me optimize your web presence and get you noticed!

Social Media Management

I can engage with your clients and consumers through the most popular social media platforms by creating an online community and customer service strategy for the Web 2.0.

Responsive Design

If you have a website and it isn’t optimized for mobile, you might as well not have one. Mobile users are the most active users on the web. I build websites with them in mind.

Technical Optimization

Technical issues might be holding your business back! I specialize in Technical SEO and Web Optimization, so I could audit your site to make the necessary changes that will improve its performance. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

Knowing what metrics to monitor or what KPIs to track is a must if your goal is to improve conversions on your website. I can create and implement a CRO strategy to achieve conversion goals.

Website Analytics

I use AI-powered tools to gain and give insights into your business’ online performance. I’ll be able to provide the best recommendations on how to grow your web presence (and your profits) even further!

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Expertise that makes
Cool Stuff. You go WOW! a Difference.

Expertise that Makes a Difference

My focus is on making my clients’ businesses smarter in a world where online presence is everything. With my analytics-based approach, I don’t just get actionable data from the web, I get intelligence!

From startups to small and medium businesses, to Fortune 100 companies, I’ve been there behind the scenes lending my expertise in all things marketing, creative, and tech. 

Content Management Systems

I know open-source, enterprise and proprietary CMS platforms like the back of my hands.
Let me help you  choose or migrate to the right solution for your business.

more than SEO & Digital Marketing Services

For more than 14 years, I’ve had the privilege of being part of amazing projects and working alongside talented teams to achieve digital marketing goals and build web-based products and services many people enjoy.

Past & Present Clients

Work With A Unique Talent

Because I specialize in the more technical aspects of Digital Marketing, I’m in high demand and sought after by corporations and agencies. Luckily for you, I’m always looking for new and exciting projects to work on, and I’d love to help you next!

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