Disadvantages of SEO & Content Marketing Automation

BY ALVA CARDONA · January 2nd, 2020

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If you’re a business owner, you may be too busy playing the role of the manager to worry about developing a digital marketing and SEO strategy to promote your venture. It’s something that most entrepreneurs don't think about when they decide to make their business website and have an online presence. But much to their surprise, making the website is only half the (online) battle.

Even if it is a significant part of the effort to seek exposure on the Internet, it’s just not enough on the web nowadays. The online world thrives on the development and sharing of all types of content through blogs, websites, and social media. Still, there are hassle-free and time-saving tools that can help you handle the most technical aspects of digital marketing yourself, such as SEO Automation softwares.

SEO Automation platforms are Search Engine Marketing tools that save small and big business owners (and even digital marketing agencies) time and money. Without it, you would be condemned to execute repetitive tasks instead of focusing on developing effective SEO and SEM strategies. Chores that once took hours of a digital marketer’s precious time, such as checking the backlink quality and keyword density, can now be done in just minutes.

SEO Automation softwares can point out which changes you need to make on your website according to their formula of keyword density, or which keywords and keyword phrases your competitors use. They can also identify what your competition is doing and the possible weaknesses in their campaigns.

However, even automated softwares are prone to human error, and to add to the many limitations of the technology, it does not allow for the use of two very important tools every digital marketing and SEO campaign should use: creativity and originality. In fact, the main reason many business owners decide to use a Digital Marketing expert instead of an SEO Automation platform is the lack of quality and uniqueness in the content, the practice of link building and keyword usage when writing (which some people can argue that it’s an art form and not just a practice).

Let’s face it, this is something that’s best left in the hands of humans. Although some of these companies advertise their softwares as complete digital marketing solutions, they forget about those two very important aspects of online brand building and content development.

It’s why using an SEO Automation platform alone doesn’t cut it. Without content marketing, your digital marketing campaign will never reach its full potential. Software by itself can’t breathe new life into your marketing efforts. That’s why it’s better if your content developer and your SEO Automation software work together to achieve the best results for your campaign (to add the “human” touch, if you will).

Nonetheless, make sure your digital marketing expert and content writer specialize in developing SEO content. A good SEO content writer will first do Keyword Research to concentrate only on keywords for which a search volume already exists and topics that most people are doing searches about. This person should also know how to do on-page optimization and how to use keywords (and where) in your content to increase searchability (using white-hat SEO techniques, of course).

And let’s not forget that sharing content on social networks and building links to your content is one of the most important aspects of content marketing. Your SEO Content expert should have both the creativity and the technical skills to create a balance between these two things. Also, sharing is something only a human can do well. Humans can be a media channel, as well (and they’re more intuitive than a software will ever be).