How To Develop a Highly Effective Digital Marketing Campaign

BY ALVA CARDONA · January 2nd, 2020

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If you’re not a digital marketer or digital marketing agency, you’ll find it hard to understand digital marketing as a legit and proven promotional practice on the web. At some point, it will all sound and seem like Chinese to you. And the truth is that, even if you try the “do it yourself” approach, you’ll need to read more than one digital marketing book and use more than one tool to manage your business’ online advertising campaigns the right way. Still, you won’t need a whole library of books or an entire “toolbox”. You just need to have the right strategy and then you can find the tools best suited for your digital marketing needs.

You truly don’t need to be a “pro” to begin optimizing your online marketing and advertising campaigns. However, because my purpose is to help your business succeed and get noticed on the web, I will give you a few insider tips so you can get your digital marketing campaign started.

To develop a truly effective digital marketing campaign, you’ll need to know how to develop a strategy that will give you the results you desire. It’s the same as using a tax preparation software without knowing how to file taxes, and yet expecting to get a tax return. If you do your tax returns yourself, you might run the risk of not getting the maximum tax refund than you would have with the help of a professional tax preparer or CPA (Certified Public Accountant). The same happens when you don’t use SEO & SEM professionals to handle the key aspects of your business’ digital marketing campaign; without a digital marketing expert to help you with the strategy and logistics, you will not get the best results.

However, one thing that can help you develop a fool-proof digital marketing campaign is to know which digital channels to use. Marketing and media genius Marshall McLuhan once said “The Medium is the Message”, and he was not wrong. In fact, that is the main philosophy of digital marketers: to invest in the best and most cost-effective web media platform in order to achieve their objective, which is to target and cater to the right audience.

Some marketers focus on building social media profiles for businesses or brands and creating communities or gathering followers. Others use email marketing or PPC advertising, which are more direct approaches to getting leads. So, it all depends on your digital marketing endgame. Do you wish to attract leads? Influence purchase decisions? Create brand ambassadors? These are questions you should be asking yourself before you even begin to consider using a specific digital marketing channel.

Another thing you should keep in mind is to always know the key performance indicators (KPIs) you should track. There are certain metrics and variables that can tell if you’re achieving your digital marketing goals. Because knowing your objectives is only half the battle, you should keep an eye on certain “decisions” or “actions” your users take when they’re on your site, or how many “likes” your page gets on Facebook. All the options you offer your visitors, whether on your website or your social media accounts, should be perfectly aligned with your business and marketing objective.

There’s not one specific way to tell if your online advertising efforts are working. Each digital marketing campaign is unique because each brand and business is unique. So, to summarize, the best way to handle your digital marketing campaigns “like a boss” is to develop a strategy that will give you the results you want, to use the right digital mediums or channels, and to know which key performance indicators to track. These are all things a digital marketer usually does because they’re proven methodologies that all professionals in the field use to achieve success.