Why Hiring a Holistic Digital Marketing Expert is Always a Good Idea

BY ALVA CARDONA · January 2nd, 2020

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Digital marketing can be a very complicated job, one that requires a ‘particular set of skills’ and highly technical knowledge, which is why some professionals in the field are only experts in one specific aspect of the trade. Hiring freelance content developers, web designers, programmers, PPC advertising specialists and SEO experts separately to help you with your campaign can be an extenuating process. And, because they’re not part of a team or agency, these independent experts may have different approaches to the practice.

Without a consistent and unified digital marketing strategy, you won’t have a unified digital marketing campaign and your online promotion efforts could end up being in vain. The best digital marketing experts will be able to provide content development and link building services, as well as off-site and on-site SEO, SEM, web design, mobile app development, social media management, and online reputation monitoring.

However, this is because they might have project management experience, so they’re used to working as a one-person powerhouse and will be able to see your campaign more holistically. This is something that will give your digital marketing efforts an edge and an advantage over your competition.

There is a more important reason to hiring a holistic digital marketing expert instead of paying for an “SEO team” to create your business’ search engine marketing campaign: you’ll count with someone that has years of experience and that possesses unparalleled knowledge and domain of key techniques and technologies. They’ll have all aspects of your digital marketing strategy covered, from the creation of a strategy and logistics, to the implementation of said plan and the methodologies used to achieve objectives.

Having the support of a holistic digital marketing expert in this aspect of business can definitely be an advantage, and you’ll end up engaging search engines, encouraging return visitors and delighting potential customers. A true digital marketing expert can provide additional value to your online promotion campaign by doing things a simple automated platform can’t.

In conclusion, it may look like digital marketing campaigns are easy to do with the help of a software or agency, but that’s not necessarily the case, especially if you lack the online advertising know-how and experience in the industry. Not looking for holistic solutions for your business’ digital marketing requirements might end up being counterproductive in the long run, instead of practical.

So, don’t underestimate your business’ digital marketing needs. Seek the help of a holistic digital marketing professional that can create and run a customized campaign for your brand and give you the personalized support you require. Remember that we’re only human, and we need other people to assist us at times (and that’s not a bad thing).